Nigiri Sushi

Tuna (Maguro)2.95 

White Tuna (Shiro Maguro)2.95 

Salmon (Sake)2.95 

Yellowtail (Hamachi)3.50 

Red Snapper (Izumi Dai)2.50 

Mackerel (Saba)2.50 

Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi)3.50 

Sqid (Ika)2.50 

Flyingfish Roe (Tobiko)2.95 

Surf Clam (Hoki Gai)2.50 

Smelt Roe (Masago)2.50 

Salmon Roe (Ikura)2.95 

Smoked Salmon2.95 

Octopus (Tako)2.50 

Shrimp (Ebi)2.50 

River Eel (Unagi)2.95 

Crab Stick (Kani)2.25 

Marinated Tofu (Inari)2.25 

Egg (Tomago)2.25 


Vegetable Rolls

Asparagus Roll3.50 

Oshinko Roll3.50 
(pickled radish)

Shitake Mushroom Roll3.50 
(boiled down Shitake mushroom)

Veggie Roll4.95 
(ava, asp, pickled radish, cu, and kampyo)

Avocado & Cucumber Roll3.95 

Sweet Potato Roll5.50 
(deep fried Sweet potato w/sweet sauce)

Spicy Tempura Tofu Roll5.50 
(deep fried Tofu w/spicy sauce)

AAC Roll4.50 
(ava, asp, and cucumber)

Cucumber Roll3.50 

Avocado Roll3.50 

Popeye Roll4.95 
(spinach, carrot, and marinated radish)

Veggie Delight6.95 
(shredded Radish, carrot, pickled radish, avo, wrapped w/cucumber served with ponzu sauce)

Regular Rolls

Tuna & Avocado Roll5.50 

Spicy Tuna Roll5.95 
(Spicy Tuna & Cucumber)

Salmon Roll4.50 

Spicy Salmon Roll5.95 
(Salmon, avo, spicy mayo)

Tuna Roll4.50 

Philadelphia Roll7.25 
(smoked salmon, avo, cream cheese)

Yellowtail & Scallion Roll4.50 

Salmon & Avocado Roll5.50 

Special California Roll5.50 
(crab salad, avocado)

Shrimp California Roll5.95 
(coocked shrimp, avo, cucum)

Eel & Avocado Roll5.95 

Tempura Eel Roll6.95 
(deep fried eel roll w/eel sauce)

Tempura California Roll5.95 
(deep fried cali w/eel sauce)

Spicy Yellowtail Roll5.95 
(Yellowtail, avo w/spicy sauce)

Green River Roll6.95 
(Eel, avo, cucum, seaweed powder)

Shrimp Tempura Roll6.50 
(avo, cucum, crab salad, fried shrimp w/eel sauce)

Crunch Roll7.95 
(deep fried shrimp, crab stick, avo, temp crunch on top w/eel sauce)

Salmon Skin Roll5.95 
(grilled salmon skin, green onion, cucum w/eel sauce)

Eel & Cucumber Roll5.95 

Spicy Cali Roll4.95 
(avo, cucum, crab stick, spicy mayo on top)

California Roll4.50 
(avo, cucum, crab stick)

Alaska Roll5.95 
(salmon, avo, cucumber)

D-19 Roll6.50 
(Deep fried roll w/cream cheese, Jalapeno, Eel sauce, wasabi sauce, spicy mayo and chili sauce)

Chicken Katsu Roll7.50 
(Katsu Chicken, crabstick, avo w/eel sauce)

Special Rolls

Futo Maki8.95 
(tamago, cucumber, kampyo, spinach, masago, crabstick)

Yami Roll11.95 
(tuna, salmon, crab stick, tamago, eel, avo, deep fried w/eel sauce, spicy mayo, peanut sauce)

Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll10.95 
(deep fried shrimp, crab salad, avo w/spicy mayo)

Michigan Roll10.95 
(salmon on top of crab salad roll served w/wasabi sauce)

Caterpillar Roll10.95 
(sliced avo on top of spicy tuna roll, cucum)

Snow Roll8.95 
(white fish, crab stick, cucumber, avo, tempura crunch on top w/sweet sauce)

Spider Roll11.95 
(soft shell crab, avo, cucum, crab salad w/eel sauce on top)

Black Dragon13.95 
(eel & avo on top of shrimp tempura roll cucumber, crab salad)

Rainbow Roll11.95 
(assorted fish on top of special Cali roll)

Fire Island11.95 
(crab stick, avo, spicy tuna, tempura crunch inside, w/ spicy sauce)

Salsa Roll10.95 
(deep fried smoked salmon & cream cheese, w/jalapeno & spicy sauce on top)

Tiger Roll10.95 
(crab salad, cucum, shrimp & avo on top)

Dynamite Roll12.95 
(seared mixed spicy seafood on top of a deep fried rice bed)

New York Roll13.95 
(tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tamago, cooked shrimp, avo, crab stick served on top of wasabi mayo)

Red Dragon10.95 
(tuna on top of spicy Cali roll w/spicy sauce)

Fire Cracker11.95 
(deep fried shrimp, avo, crab salad & tempura crunch on top w/spicy mayo)

Sunday Morning9.95 
(salmon, creamcheese, avo, deep fried, w/spicy mayo)

Mexican Roll8.95 
(avo, cucum, crab stick, jalap, deep fried shrimp w/spicy mayo & chili sauce)

Salmon on the Beach11.95 
(avo, creamcheese, crab stick, seared salmon on top, w/special sauce)

Kiss of Fire9.95 
(spicy tuna, jalap, tamago, tempura crunch on top w/2 diff spicy sauces)

Sexy Roll11.95 
(deep fried shrimp tempura, tomago, avo, creamcheese, seared crab stick on top w/spicy mayo)

Las Vegas Roll11.95 
(deep fried shrimp, cucum, avo, crab stick, lettuce w/spicy sauce)

Valentine Roll12.95 
(tuna, salmon, white tuna on special Cali roll in a heart shaped w/spicy sauce)

Super Bowl12.95 
(deep fried shrimp, avo, crab salad & tempura crunch on top w/spicy mayo & eel sauce)

Black Jack12.95 
(tuna, eel, salmon on top of special Cali roll w/spicy mayo)

Summer Roll7.95 
(tamago, avo, crab salad wrapped w/cucum)

Dabu Roll8.95 
(white fish, cucum, kampyo, tamago, crab stick, deep fried w/sweet sauce)

Elegant Roll13.95 
(shrimp tempura, avo, crab salad, tempura crunch inside, wrapped in soy bean paper, served w/special suace)

Volcano Roll13.95 
(shrimp tempura, avo, shrimp, scallop, mozzarella cheese baked on top, served w/spicy sauce)

Burning Tongue9.95 
(jalapeno, cucum, crab stick, red snapper, masago, w/chili sauce and special spicy sauce)

Chef's Special12.95 
(shrimp temp, avo, spicy tuna on top, dabu & spicy sauce w/crunch)

Popcorn Lobster12.95 
(crab salad, avo, popcorn lobster on top, spicy mayo sauce and eel sauce)

Sushi Combo

(The price below is the 15% off from the original)

A. Vegetarian roll combo9.45 
(Asparagus roll, Cucumber roll, Avo roll)

C. *Salmon combo14.80 
(Salmon & Avo roll, Michigan roll)

B.*Tuna combo 14.80 
(Tuna & Avo roll, Red dragon roll)

D. * Eel combo17.95 
(Eel & Avo roll, Black dragon roll)

E. Deep fried combo17.50 
(D-19 roll, Popcorn lobster roll)

F. Shrimp deep fried combo14.80 
(Crunch roll, Mexican roll)

G. *Spicy combo18.85 
(Kiss of fire, Burning tongue)

1 vegetarian combo9.35 
(sweet potato & spicy tempura tofu roll)

2 California roll combo8.50 
(California roll & special california roll)

3 *Roll Combo9.35 
(Tuna & Avocado roll and Salmon & avocado roll)

4 Deep fried roll combo13.50 
(Tempura California & Sunday morning)

5 *Spicy roll combo15.20 
(Spicy tuna roll & Fire island roll )

6 Shrimp Tempura roll combo16.50 
(Shrimp tempura roll & Super bowl roll)

7 *Sushi and Sashimi combo16.50 
(3 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi & tuna roll )


  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or egg may increase   your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.