Korean BBQ & Others

(Beef short rip marinated in Korean special sauce)

(Thinly sliced beef loin marinated in Korean special sauce)

Spicy pork (or chicken)15.99 
(Thinly sliced pork(chicken) marinated in a spicy sauce)

(Deep fried beef, pork or chicken and vegetables with sweet & sour sauce)

(Breaded, deep ried pork, chicken or fish)

Gganpung shrimp16.99 
(Fried shrimp in sweet vinegar sauce)

(Seafood, beef and vegetables served with mustard sauce)

Fried rice10.99 
(Pork, beef, shrimp, kimchi or vegetable fried rice are available)

(Assorted vegetables with beef, fried egg, served with hot paste sauce on the side)

Dolsot bibimbap11.99 
(Bibimbap baked in hot stone bowl. Beef, chicken and seafood are available)

Korean Special Entree

(Mixed raw fish and vegetables served with spicy sauce)

Hae Mool Pa Jeon8.99 
(Korean seafood&vegetable pancake or kimchi)

Momil jaengban16.99 
(Cold buckwheat noodle mixed with assorted vegetables, boiled egg and spicy vinegar sauce)

Spicy fish stew13.99 
(Cod fish stew with assorted vegetables and spicy sauce)

Saba shioyaki10.99 
(Grilled mackerel)

Ojinguh Bokum13.99 
(Pan fried calamari and vegetables suateeed in hot & spicy sauce (Add noodle cost $2.00))

Soon Du Bu11.99 
(Soft tofu & choice of assorted seafood, beef or Kimchi cooked in a spicy broth)

Seafood Den Jang10.99 
(Bean paste broth with tofu, zucchini & seafood)

Oden Nabe9.99 
(Oden is a popular Japanese hot pot, which includes daikon radish, fish cakes, boiled eggs and yam cake)

Broiled spicy Mackerel 14.99 

(Korean stir-fried glass noodle with variety of veggies and beef)

Spicy fish roe soup13.99 

(spicy Korean stew with shredded beef and vegetables)